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5min Video: How an LCD Works

Informative 5min video of how an LCD works

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Dell E1405 and 640M Left Mouse Button Problem

The left touchpad mouse button stays depressed while not in use…..

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April Fools Day: Google Motion

Trick your friends with this April Fools Joke from Google!

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Volvo Backhoe Circuit Board Repair

We had a Volvo L45 B-TP Backhoe’s circuit board come in late last week for repair…..

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Raleigh Wedding Photography

On occasion we need pictures of items taken here and we always use our photographer Christi…

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Coming soon: LTN160AT01 Solution

We will soon have permanent solutions for HP and Toshiba laptops which use the (now in short supply) LTN160AT01 LCD Panel…..

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Absolute Computers is MOVING

Absolute Computers is MOVING. Just a few doors down, in the same shopping center.

Old address: 2436 SW Cary Parkway
New address: 2446 SW Cary Parkway

We should be up and running in the new shop February 28, 2011.

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NVIDIA GPU Litigation: Time to Submit your Claim

…..if you have one of the affected models and this lawsuit covers your unit, it is time to submit your information here (read more)…..

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Closed Today 1-1-11

NC roads are iced over. Absolute Computers will be closed today.

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Closing December 24, 2010

Absolute Computers will be closed on December 24 & on Christmas Day.

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RIP Johnny "BOY" Sheffield

RIP Johnny “BOY” Sheffield

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ThinkPad Laptops in Space

NASA uses ThinkPad laptops in space. They have done so for quite a while now. If you would like to read about this please visit Lenovo’s blog here:

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2010 T42p LCD Review

Anandtech just did a review called “IBM’s ThinkPad T42 LCD: A Blast from the Past”.

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Noelle M Secrest is in Prison

She has graduated from writing bad checks to identity theft and other misc fraud and is now a felon (read more)…

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Phillips DVP642/37 Capacitor Problem Fixed

A customer brought by his Phillips DVP642/37 DVD player for us to fix this week (read more)…

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