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Laptop Accessories near RDU Airport

We carry power cords and AC adapters for a wide variety of laptops and notebooks and are located near the RDU airport.

Looking for laptop accessories near RDU?

We get quite a few telephone calls from people who have just flown in to Raleigh-Durham international airport. People usually need power cords or AC adapters, external hard drives, flash drives, a laptop for a presentation, international style adapters, or other devices. we carry all of these things and usually have a solution for international style adapters. Call in advance to make sure we have your part in stock. We usually do not have “universal” adapters in stock as they harm laptops but we do carry many original or OEM genuine AC adapters. There are a lot of them available, so we do not carry all of them but we do have the most popular adapters in stock.

We also offer laptop repair.

We fix all types of laptops. We’ve recently expanded our Apple and Macintosh repair offerings as well.

Directions from Raleigh Durham International Airport:

We are located approximately 10 miles from RDU. To get here just follow these directions from RDU to our location: