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Locally Built Computers in Cary NC October 2015

Today a customer came in and bought a machine because he was looking for a locally owned computer shop.

We had done a few laptop repairs for him in the past and we came to mind when he was looking for a new computer.

Good for him! We shop locally, too! 🙂 You always get the best deal that way.

New computers are a blast for us to assemble. They’re marked up no more than an average laptop repair. They are not nearly as profitable as they once were. Most importantly, customers get the best deal by getting one built. You can get a computer cheaper by walking into any old big box store but you will have problems.

In fact, our next post will be about the problems of not getting a custom built computer.

Here’s what Dave’s new computer looks like:

new pc

We’re been selling a ton of these little cubes lately. People love ’em!