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Should I get my laptop repaired at a cell phone repair company?

There are a lot of cell phone repair businesses here in Cary NC, and around the US. Honestly, we were a bit late to that game. Every day people ask us to fix their cell phones. We finally do.

Fixing cell phones is easy.

The average iPhone repair simply means having a suction cup and a screwdriver to pull out 6 screws.

Fixing laptops is a whole new ball game.

In 2002 we were about the only laptop repair center in North Carolina. It took until around 2009 before other computer repair shops started working on them. Why?

Laptop repair is a pain. Unlike cell phones where you can stock enough parts to troubleshoot a dozen models or so, in the world of laptops there are thousands and thousands of different machines, all with unique problems. Repairing DC jacks, power boards, touchpad cables on Sony Vaios, LCDs on MacBook Pro units, and  backlights in screens.

Broken laptop symptoms are very different from cell phones. They have hinges which break, fail to go into hibernation, issues with viruses and malware, hard to find parts. The relationships we have with say a Toshiba motherboard vendor, a Fujitsu LCD vendor, or a Vaio battery dealer are extremely difficult to obtain. One has to spend tens of thousands of dollars in getting bad deals and parts before finding the right companies to purchase from.

We have trained a laptop repair tech to fix cell phones in 30 minutes. Training a cell phone repair tech to fix laptops takes months and months.

Laptop repair techs make 100% more money than a cell phone repair tech.

In a nutshell

If a cell phone repair business decides to slap a “laptops repaired here” sticker on their window one morning to see if they can make a few extra bucks, it is usually a disservice to the community which they serve. They will deliver a subpar service at a jackekd up price.

Same goes for office supply stores.

If you have had a bad experience at a cell phone repair company feel free to check out our last 15 years of repair articles and come to the experts.