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Do iPhones have Glue Under the Glass?

Today a local Cary customer getting a cell phone repair asked if there is glue under the glass of his iPhone 5S.

The answer is yes, and the glue is called Loca Glue.

The glue is a special adhesive which bonds the touch panel to the main liquid crystal display.

Once the glue is applied it must be dried with a special UV light. Here is a light which we recently purchased to repair cell phones:

uv light
This UV light is used to dry Loca Glue

When we purchased this light we noticed that it had a 220V plug in. Oops. I suppose we should have known by the name since it is called UV Glue Dryer Light for iPhone 4 5 Samsung xiaomi LCD Outer Glass Repair AC220V.

When an appliance or electronics device from a 220 volt country is to be used in a 110 volt country a step up converter is needed. Thanks to this page on voltage converters we were able to purchase the correct converter, a TC-100 converter. The same website also has a neat voltage converter finder.

The voltage converter we ordered.

This video shows how loca glue is used: