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UPS Damaged Our Laptop

damaged laptopUPS is our shipping company of choice. Generally speaking, we are very happy with them. We have shipped thousands of packages with them.

But sometimes, things go wrong. Inevitably, when you move millions of boxes, one is going to drop on the ground or get busted.

Recently, we shipped a laptop via UPS – something we do almost every day. Unfortunately, the laptop arrived smashed.

We jumped at the opportunity to make things right with our customer.

We informed UPS of the damage and they offered to take a look at it. “Wow, great!” we thought…. UPS is going to start a claim. The kind woman on the phone stated they would even help us out if UPS damaged the parcel. Will they take care of this damage?

UPS picked up the broken laptop from our customer and returned it to us with a letter. Unfortunately, the letter states the laptop was not broken while in their possession. At least, that is what I got out of “Our investigation has concluded that the damage did not occur during transportation.”

That is an odd response since the box was obviously punctured and there is a pile of freshly cracked plastic floating around inside of it.

We have been working on ThinkPad laptops daily here for about 15 years no and seen every type of damage out there. Given the bent metal, warped frame, and cracked plastic, this is absolutely not something that was simply dropped on the ground. It must have sustained a very traumatic blow or been thrown a good 20 – 30 feet. It isn’t like a sturdy box and bubble wrap could save it (which it had).

At this point we’re simply left disappointed. We fix laptops- so this is simply a couple hundred bucks in parts and a couple hours of labor for us- we will live through it. But, what does the average person do when their laptop gets damaged?

It seems that UPS is a great company, treats their employees well, and delivers most boxes just fine. But, when something goes wrong, the response is lackluster. If they weren’t going to do anything about it, they could have told us that right up front instead of sending us this letter.