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MacBook Pro 15″ Notebook Battery Replacement

macbook pro 15Today we had a MacBook Pro 15″ notebook come in from one of our local Raleigh users. The machine needed a hard drive but we also noticed that the battery was not holding much of a charge.

The laptop was a few years old and worth keeping around.

We were able to get the latest version of Yosemite installed for them and upgraded the failed drive to a SSD (solid state drive).

The battery on this machine is internal and very easy to access since we had the cover off to replace the hard drive anyways.

If you need a battery replaced in a MacBook Pro 15 be sure to visit our MacBook battery installation page for full details.

Here’s what the battery looks like. And yes, this was a genuine OEM replacement, not a cheap aftermarket:

A1382 battery

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