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HP Envy Laptop LCD Screen Replacement

hp envy laptopThe HP Envy laptop line is a series we frequently get in for LCD screen replacement.

Overall these units aren’t too bad. Many of HP laptops in the Envy line use use the Intel i5 processor. Of course, any laptop is susceptible to a broken screen. Screens are made of glass and do crack.

Most screen repairs are in the $100 – $200 range and that includes parts and labor. If you need your HP Envy laptop screen replaced feel free to call us today or visit our page on Laptop LCD Repair.

LG Phillips Laptop LCD Screens

This week in came an HP Envy 15 Laptop. The 15 designates this being a 15″ model laptop, or more specifically, a 15.6″ LED lit widescreen. Many HPs use screens manufactured by LG Phillips. LG Phillips screens are decent quality and found in many laptops. In today’s world of LED lit screens, getting the correct revision is essential, otherwise the screen will not be compatible. Compatibility problems range from being unable to adjust brightness to no display whatsoever. In this week’s HP Envy 15, for example, the screen used in the laptop was a 15.6″ LED Lit LCD Model LP156WH3(TL)(T2). When we replace screens in HP Envy laptops we use the exact replacement.


This is what an HP Envy LCD screen looks like.

Types of HP Envy Laptops

Post 2012 HP Envy laptops are basically rebranded HP Pavilion laptops. Hewlett Packard outfits these notebooks with Beats Audio and Nvidia graphics. Many of the Envy computers start out around $499.

Pre-2012 models include HP Envy 13, 14, 15, 17.

As of 2015 the current lineup of HP Envy Laptops includes:

  • Ultrabook
  • Envy X2 (the convertible laptop)
  • Spectre. The Sceptre lineup comes a wide variety. The Sceptre 13 X2, for example, is a tablet/laptop. Some would refer to this machine as a hybrid ultrabook. Later the x360 was introduced with an i7 and SSD. Spectre units have 13.3″ LCD screens and touch digitizers.
  • Envy DV6. The DV6 line uses a 15.6″ LCD, usually available in a glossy or matte finish.
  • Envy DV7. The DV7 and DV7t models use a 17.3″ screen

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