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We do not sell tablets but we do repair them. There are many different brands available in stores. I would suggest that you get one of the more popular brands. First, you need to make a few decisions:
– Do you want the tablet to be WiFi only or pay for a monthly data plan so you can use the cell phone network and connect anywhere?
– Do you want 7″ or 10″? Traveling is easier with the 7″ but if you mostly plan to use it at home – go with the 10″.

If you prefer a tablet that attaches to the cell phone network – the three best are the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and Motorola XYBoard. The Motorola product is a few months older than the other tablets but still is a very good tablet.

For WiFi only use, the number of tablets offered is huge. But I would recommend you stick with the more popular brands – they seem more rugged. The Google Nexus 10 currently has the sharpest, highest resolution display offered. Personally I think the Nexus 7 & 10 tablets are the best products offered currently. The Apple iPad is also a great WiFi product, if you like the Apple OS then the full blown iPad and iPad Mini offer you the choice of big vs small.  Android and Apple have roughly the same number of applications available for you to download (over 750,000 at last count) but more of the Apple apps are tailored for the iPad and iPhone where you can find some of the less popular Android apps can run on either smart phone or tablet but have been designed for the smaller phone screen size . Finally check out the Amazon Fire and Amazon Kindles. The Kindles are eReaders only. The Fire are full blown tablets that Amazon is selling at cost because they want to encourage folks to use the Amazon store for apps, books, etc.. The price / feature of the Fire is unmatched.

We have started to see tablets that people bought only a few weeks ago for $150 ~ $200 either on line or in a discount store. They seem to have poor reliability and so I suggest you either consider the Fire for that price or plan to spend more. As always – feel free to stop by, give us a call or drop us an email regarding any questions you may have.   Happy shopping!