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Tablets get broken

Well I just dropped by tablet and broke the screen.  I am lucky and know somewhere that repairs broken screens! https://absoluteraleigh.com/tablet_repair/

But the other interesting thing is that the cost of the components are coming down and we have been able to drop the pricing on the repair.   iPad 4 repairs have dropped significantly in price.   We get lots of questions about the cost of tablet repairs.  There are really two aspects that are important.

1) That genuine parts are used.

2) An experienced technician is doing the repairs.

We see all makes / models of tablets but iPads are the single most popular category.  We do compare ourselves to other options.  The price for us to fix your broken screen locally is half of what Apple charges.  For example, we charge $129 to replace your broken digitizer (that is the glass screen on your tablet).  Apple has you send it away and the cost is $249 plus a $7 shipping charge.

We perform the repair locally and save you money.