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ThinkPad T440s to T450 Trackpad Upgrade

If you’d like to get your T440s touchpad changed out to a vintage trackpad feel (as seen on the newer T450) feel fre to give us a call. You’re looking at about $35 + 1.5hrs labor.

Longtime ThinkPad fans were shocked when they got their slim T440s laptops. The touchpad, or trackpad, stinks!

If this was your first ThinkPad you may not have been so disappointed.

The touchpad that comes on the T440s is useless to people who use the pointer. Even the touchpad appears defective right out of the box.

The price jump from a T440s to a T450 is quite large. So, what is a T440s user to do?

We have been selling used ThinkPad laptops and the T440s units have been trickling in. Many people are getting their hands on a T440s for the first time now that they are around 18mos old.

One of our techs just upgraded to one from a very beat up T410s laptop. The first thing he did was scour the web looking for help with the useless touchpad. At first, we thought it was broken, then we realized it was designed this way intentionally. Yuck! Lenovo upset literally thousands of people with this huge mistake. Drastically changing the touchpad is about a good idea as hitting yourself in the face with a brick. Twice.

Anyways we discovered that there were others changing their trackpads out using the T450 touchpad. It is a direct fit and works great!

Here’s an image of the transformation!

T440s laptops
Left: T440s with a stock touchpad. Right: T440s with a T450 trackpad installed.