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Panasonic Toughbook LCD Repair

panasonicPanasonic Toughbook LCD repairs are labor intensive repairs which we provide very often to paramedics, police departments, construction workers, and other people who use these great machines on a regular basis.

We usually need this machine in our hands to get an accurate estimate. Quotes are free of charge. We buy our panels directly from Panasonic.

Toughbooks are usually tough to take apart- at least the ruggedized models (Toughbook now applies to several types of laptops these days). Adhesive, glue, shock absorbers, and many other things are in the way. With many laptops, simply snapping off the LCD bezel is enough to access the panel. With the Toughbook units, it is usually much more “tough” than that.

If you have damaged your rugged (or other) Panasonic Toughbook feel free to contact us today for a quote, or visit our laptop screen repair page.