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LCD Repairs for Sony Vaio Laptop Computers

We repair Sony Vaio LCD panels. If your Sony Vaio has a broken screen feel free to give us a call, visit our laptop LCD repair page, or drop your laptop off at our physical location.

Some Sony Vaio laptop use very special sized screens which are unique to Sony laptops. Standard sized widescreens are usually 15.4”, 15.6”, 16.0”, 17.3”, or 18.4”. Odd sizes found in some Vaio notebooks include:

  • Vaio VGN laptops may use dual backlit screens.
  • Vaio VPC laptops may use 1.5” WXGA glossy screens.
  • Other Vaio models may use special 16.4” WUXGA 1920×1080 screens.

Many Sony laptops must be disassembled to get an exact quote. If you would like an email quote we’ll try our best. Send us as many details as you can along with model #s from the bottom of the computer and from the screen’s bezel. Please note that some Vaio laptops have 2 or 3 separate part #s on them.

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