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Overheating HP DV6 Laptops and Fan Replacements


The HP Pavillion DV6 models come in with heat issues all of the time. At this point we are getting multiple units in every week. People mail them in or drive them in to our Cary location.

What are the symptoms of a bad HP DV6 Fan?

When a DV6 is experiencing heat or fan issues your laptop may have any of these symptoms:

  • The bottom of the laptop is unusually hot.
  • The fan makes an annoying noise.
  • The unit heat up to the point where it shuts off.

Why is my laptop doing this?

If the unit is unusually hot you could try blowing the fan out with compressed air. In may laptops they develop hairballs but the DV6 usually needs more than just this.

If the fan is making an annoying noise it is time to replace it.

If the laptop is shutting off it is to protect itself. Laptops can get very hot leading to component failure – typically a graphics chip or motherboard component will fail from the excessive heat that they are not designed to withstand.

What to do:

What we do here is strip the laptop down and replace the fan with a new one. All of the old CPU thermal paste is removed and we use Artic Silver or a similar high quality thermal paste between the CPU and the heatsink. Everything on the inside gets blown out. The unit goes back together and runs like new again.