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Happy #EarthDay2014

earth day


Earth Day 2014 is here. For many people, it is a day to stop and think about the environment, or possibly plant a tree.

There isn’t a whole lot that is green about electronics. They are manufactured using hazardous materials and are often discarded of improperly. They also seem to go out of date faster and faster which means they will be disposed of every few years.

In an effort to be green we’ve taken the following steps: Packages are packed with biodegradable, static free, FDA approved corn starch peanuts. We use no incandescent bulbs- our shop is filled with fluorescent bulbs. We recycle all of our cardboard and metals. More about can be seen on our green page.

We also offer basic electronics recycling. The State of North Carolina prohibits e-waste such as computers from being disposed of in a landfill. We accept laptops, phones, desktop computers, laptop batteries, and more. To see a full list of items which we accept for free recycling please visit our recycling page. The page is also a resource of where to recycle things which we do not accept.