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Important data on your old computer

We had a customer that was ready to retire their Dell Inspiron D410.  However it had important data on it that several people in the office all wanted to have copies .   Many times we will transfer customer data from their failing hard drive on the old laptop to their new laptop,  but in this case – we transferred the data(approximately 100GB) to a USB Flash Drive (Thumb drive) so that it could be passed around between laptops.  This allowed each person to copy specifically the information that they desired individually.  We always try to understand your specific need and offer one or more potential solutions to your problem.

Note that we have customers that ship us their hard drives (or their laptops containing their hard drive) to us from across the US for recovery of the data from a supposedly dead drive.   Here is information on how we do data recovery   https://absoluteraleigh.com/services/data_recovery/      and here is information regarding shipping us your hard drive.    https://absoluteraleigh.com/nationwide-laptop-repair/


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