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Apple Macbook Pro Glass , LCD repair and video cable replacement

We get asked frequently if we can repair Macbooks. The answer is yes and that is why we have a special site just so people know we offer these services at www.raleighmacrepair.com .

Apple Macbook Pro laptops do have a unique feature. Instead of just the LCD, Apple then covers the LCD with “glass” to protect the screen. Frequently people will call asking if we can fix a broken screen. The answer is yes but it is a little more involved. Many times, customers will have only broken the Mac “glass” on their Macbook Pro. This is a clear sheet of tough plastic that sits on top of the LCD. If this is the only thing damaged, then the repair / replacement of this glass is cheaper than an LCD replacement. We carry both the 13” and 15” glass in stock.

We also can replace just the LCD itself if it is broken. If you aren’t sure if it is the LCD or the glass, the easiest solution is to ask for us to perform a free diagnostic prior to providing a quote. Broken Macbook Glass is typically such that you can feel the cracks of the glass. However if the colors on the screen appear to “run”, are single blocks of one color or there are black lines (either horizontal or vertical) then the cause is most likely a bad LCD screen.

There are other items that can cause video issues. We have seen Macbook Pro laptops where the hinges are damaged. That can cause the video cable to be damaged and needing replaced. Even if the hinges are undamaged, the video cable can become damaged due to wear.  The cable is threaded through the hinge of the Macbook so for older machines which have been opened and closed repeatedly, the cable can develop worn spots which short out the signal going to the LCD screen.  Many times the problem may be intermittent.   If the screen lights up or turns off as the lid is being “wiggled” but not closed – this is an indication of a bad video cable.  You also may see just parts of the screen “black out” as the lid is moved, this is all dependent on where exactly the worn area is on the cable and which signals are being shorted. We replace video cables several times a week.

Finally there is the potential that the graphics chip has failed.  Often the failure of the graphics chip will indicate the need to replace the entire motherboard.  That can be expensive. However we offer free diagnostics so once you understand the cost of the repair, you can decide to approve or not prior to spending any money on the repair.  We are familiar dealing with all these issues.

This week, so far,  we have done LCD and / or glass repairs on Apple Macbook Pro models A1278, A1502 & 1226 and the Macbook Air A1466. If you are not local, feel free to send us your Mac for repair. Here is more information if you are sending us your Mac – https://absoluteraleigh.com/nationwide-laptop-repair/ – we get machines from around the country sent to us for repair.

There are several services we offer:

  • The most popular is the free diagnostic.  Your machine is checked into a queue behind the previous customers asking for a free diagnosis. We will diagnosis the problem and then call you with the problem / quote for repair. If you approve, we will start the repair. Or you can decide to pick up your machine for no charge. Because we get so many requests for this service, the turn around time can be a few days. We try to give you a better estimate of TAT when you drop off the machine.
  • We also offered an expedited diagnostic service, which is the offer to pass the machines waiting for the free diagnosis and start the diagnosis when we get the machine.  We do charge for this option.
  • For repeat customers, we can offer remote support in which we can sometimes fix your computer problems remotely over the internet.
  • Finally, we offer on site support primarily for our business customers.

If you have any questions, please call us at 919-468-3999, send us an email at contact@absouteraleigh.com or just stop by. We are conveniently located at 2446 SW Cary Parkway, Cary, NC 27513 for customers in Apex, Cary, Morrisville, Holly Springs, Raleigh, Garner and Durham.