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Dell Computer Repair

We get Dell laptops and computers in for repair on a daily basis here at Absolute Computers.

Dell computer repairs:

Dell computers come in with a variety of issues. Some of these issues include:

  • Boot up problems. Sometimes they will not boot up correctly. This can be due to a damaged hard drive or simply due to a virus or some missing files. Many hard drives have a 3 – 5 year warranty. OEM drives, or drives sold directly from the manufacturer (like Seagate) to the assembler (Dell) do not have any warranty other than the warranty provided from Dell to you. This means most hard drive in Dell computers are out of warranty after 6 – 12 months.
  • Bad memory. Lots of RAM has a lifetime warranty, but, as with the hard drives, the OEM memory found in Dell computers has no warranty with the manufacturer. Dell computers that come in for repair can have memory failures.
  • Bad Motherboards. All computers get bad motherboards. When we get a Dell unit in that needs a motherboard we can usually locate the replacement board, even if Dell does no have it in stock. Not all Dell motherboards are available. Dell motherboards are usually proprietary, meaning a standard motherboard will not be compatible with the computer.
  • Defective Power supplies. Just like the motherboards, most Dell computers take a unique power supply, especially the Small Form Factor or USFF models.
  • Virus Removal. All computers get viruses.

These are just a few of the things we run into when repairing Dell computers. If your PC is acting up just bring it on by our Cary NC location for a free diagnostic. No strings attached- we’ll check it out and let you know what is going on with it and what it would take to repair it.