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Apple Mac and OSX Data Recovery

Apple Computers, Mac notebooks such as MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models run OS X. Recovering data from a failed Mac hard drive is a little different than Windows Data Recovery.

OS X uses a journaling file system called HFS+. If your Mac hard drive has failed and needs data recovery do not attach it to a Windows machine. Windows does not have native HFS+ support and is going to give you an error or tell you that the drive needs to be formatted.

We use various software utilites and even Debian Linux here to recover data from hard drives which have errors on them.

Not all hard drives fail in the same way. Some are just missing files. Some have bad sectors but can still be read by us. Some have catastrophic physical problems which need a clean room.

If you have an Apple computer, Mac, Macbook, or a unit running OSX that needs data recovery please see full details of the options we have available to you on our data recovery page.