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Volvo Backhoe Circuit Board Repair

backhoe We can not repair ALL boards but this one looked promising and interesting. The board just had a fried chip. Easy enough you would think, but, the part is no longer manufactured. After much research we located the part, got it in, repaired the circuit board and sent it back. the backhoe lives again!

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  1. I have the same machine mfg’d by volvo.Mine is a 1999.It seems the computer(cicuitboard?)sends the signal to start(switch is engaged) and within a few milliseconds it tells the starter to stop.some days it will start every time . Other days we may have to turn the switch off,wait,turn on the switch let the computer diagnose. It will try to start,stops. We may have to repeat this 20 times before it starts. I talked to volvo several times. They admitted to board problems and have replaced the “board” two times. They want $7900 for a new and improved board. Did this machine have the same problem? Are you willing to help?What did you find with the machine you repaired

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