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Toshiba Touch Screen LCD Repair

If you have a broken touch screen or LCD display screen please feel free to contact us for a free diagnostic and/or repair of your Toshiba laptop, or call us at 919-468-3999.

In 2013 Toshiba released several laptops equipped with touch screens and Windows 8. Touch screens are broken often and often difficult to replace.

The touchscreen is actually what we call a digitizer. This is a sheet of glass that goes OVER the screen. Even with a cracked digitizer or touch screen it is usually possible to rescue the screen itself. Replacing a touchscreen is also cheaper that replacing the entire LCD display screen. Some touchscreens are attached to the laptop in a way that makes them extremely difficult to replace. In these cases we replace the entire top half of the laptop.

If you have a broken touch screen give us a call and we will see if and how we can help you. There is always a solution to get you back up and running.

Here is a video of a Toshiba getting the touch screen replaced:

  1. Hello, my screen recently cracked on my toshiba touch screen laptop. The touch screen isn’t working very properly anymore and the image isn’t completely shown. Is there a way it a can be fixed?

  2. I am in need of repair for a Toshiba radius 14 the outside glass is intact the crack is under the glass. Can you repair this?

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