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Chromebook Cracked LCD Repair

We have seen quite a few Google Chromebook notebooks in for repair lately. These are built by HP, ACER, Samsung, Toshiba, ASUS, Lenovo, and more.

Most Chromebook notebooks are built pretty well and last a long time. This means that when they fail they get replaced instead of repaired. However sometimes something simple is broken, such as a screen or keyboard.

Cracked LCD screens on Google Chromebooks vary in price. Many are 11 – 13 inches in size. Some sreens are as little as $50 and some are more in the $149 price range after parts & labor.

Is your Chromebook’s LCD screen worth repairing? Maybe, maybe not. Something we offer here is free diagnostics. If you are not sure if your unit is worth repairing please ship it or bring it in to us and we’ll give you a free diagnostic. Also, feel free to visit our LCD repair page.