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ThinkPad X1 and X1 Carbon Repair

The ThinkPad X1 and X1 Carbon laptops are very well built machines. We rarely get them in for repair for hardware failures unless something catastrophic has happened to them, for example a dropped notebook resulting in a cracked screen, cracked case, or spill damage which usually results in a defective keyboard and/or motherboard.

Still, everything must break at some point. A few have even trickled in for fan replacements, or hinge replacements.

Another item people need replaced on the X1 models is the battery. In this model Lenovo installed the battery inside the laptop. The battery can be replaced. It does require removal of the base assembly. If you are not comfortable replacing the battery in your X1 feel free to bring it in to our repair facility. Pro tip: If you opt to replace your own battery be sure to remove the SIM card if you happen to have one in your machine prior to removing the base assembly. There are 5 screws which will need to be reoved to remove the base cover. When batteries are installed there are 2 battery tabs which slide under the system board.

If you are experiencing a problem with your X1 please do not hesitate to bring it in to us for a free diagnostic.

  1. There’s a crack in the ‘outer’ glass screen of my Lenovo X1 Carbon. The LCD appears to be intact — no liquid crystal bleed. The crack did play havoc with the touchscreen functionality, but after disabling it everything is functioning fine.

    My question is, can the outer glass be replaced without replacing the entire LCD assembly?


  2. I’m in Durham, by the way. Can you tell me how long a repair would take?

    • Hi Richard, There are a variety of these, if you can email us with the complete “type number” from the bottom of the X1 we can you get you a quote.

      Thanks! Len

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