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ThinkPad Twist and IdeaPad Yoga Repair

The ThinkPad Twist and IdeaPad Yoga laptops are ultrabook convertible, sometimes referred to as tablet hybrids. Just like any other laptop, these computers break and need repair.

The ThinkPad Twist has a center swivel hinge while the IdeaPad Yoga has 2 laptop hinges. These hinges can wear over time. They were built excellent, but of course, they can break from heavy usage or accidents.

Often when we get these machines in for repair it is due to liquid spills, defective hard drives, broken hinges, or cracked screens. With the screen exposed they can become damaged if something heavy is placed on top of them or when the units are dropped.

If you have a Twist or Yoga tablet that needs repair feel free to contact us for a free estimate. Below is a picture of a Yoga from Lenovo: