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ThinkPad W Series Sales and Repair

The ThinkPad W series laptops are an awesome mobile workstation. A successor of the super reliable T series, these laptops often feature many of the same parts of a T series. W series laptops are usually outfitted with high performance CPUs & GPUs, with many graphics processors ISV certified for CAD applications.

Models to date include W500, W510, W520, W530, W540, W700, W700ds, S701, W701ds.

There is a W700 on display in our storefront right now. We do not always carry this model- they are not in high demand, but when someone needs a mobile workstation these really fit the bill. Here are just a few of the ThinkPad laptops that we have in stock right now:


We have seen earlier models of these in with GPU issues. Another thing to watch out for on this model is the fan. Fans will need to replaced on most all laptops, especially models with dedicated graphics. When a fan breaks in a ThinkPad laptop, it will not turn on; you will receive an error at boot which says “fan error”. While it is possible to bypass this we do not recommend doing so. The error is in place to prevent you from damaging the system board, and you WILL damage the system board by letting the unit rn too hot. Also, if your W series has been running hot lately, proactively replace the fan! We rarely say that but it is definitely needed on this model.

If you have one of these units that needs repair be sure to bring it in for a free diagnostic.

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