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The Real Hard Drive Shortage of 2011

Several sources online are saying hard drive prices are going to increase in Q4. Some are saying that the market may be volatile. Some are saying that hard drive shipments will be down 27%. Some sources say prices will go up 10%.

What we are seeing first hand is hard drives not available. Today we were able to get a handful from some suppliers who had a limited inventory. Many suppliers were completely out of hard drives. The drives we are able to get were up in price around 40%. The drives we were selling last week in the $60 range are now in the $100 range. With few available we’re expecting drives to drastically jump in price. Hopefully more will be available next week, next month, or next year.

The issue stems from the flooding in Thailand where hard drive components come from.

As of today, we have them in stock, and they’re expensive.

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