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While we’re usually busy fixing laptops, Absolute Computers publishes content onto our blog and then pushed much of it out onto social channels. We’re also hooked up with Yelp and Foursquare if you’d like to check in.



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Google Plus: Google Plus is a little tricky to figure out but we have the most fun there. All of our content may be found on our blog and also on Google+:


We have a few pinboards on Pinterest where we post all of our geeky pictures. Here it is:


We have a Facebook page although with the drastic reduction in the reach of Facebook pages, finding out freshly produced content there is next to impossible as most of our posts reach only a few people. We still push our content out there though if you’re looking to stay on top of current events here at Absolute Computers. If you’d like to visit us on Facebook please check us out:

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