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Apple Macbook A1181 Screen Replacement


We get in several Macbook and Macbook Pro notebooks for service. They are a few years old now but the A1181 unit is a very popular machine that we get in. These are built nicely and the most common repair we do on these is screen replacement. LCDs break in a variety of ways on this unit but it is almost always human error.

Prices fluctuate but the last time we checked the entire repair, with a brand new LCD, was running in the $200 – $300 range.

Replacing the screen on a Macbook is time consuming and no easy task. There are some laptops that have a total of 4 screws and are easy enough to fix by a novice. Not the Macbooks! Please go here if you’d like to read more about our current Apple and Macbook repair.

If you’d like to see how a screen is replaced, check out this YouTube video. It is not ours, we just found it online:

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