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What is a refurbished computer?

When we say that our computers are refurbished, this means that we start with a working computer that we have fully tested and repaired as needed. Then we completely sanitize and wipe the drive of all existing data. We install a new licensed copy of genuine Microsoft operating system software plus all the appropriate drivers. In certain cases we will also upgrade the hardware to include additional performance capacity required for today’s software standards.

We try to have a range of models in stock to address different customer’s needs and price points. Our objective is to provide a quality machine at an affordable price. Our previously used machines have been tested and refurbished by our technicians. We typically have eight or so machines on display but have many more in stock in back. Our refurbished laptops will be priced in the $250 to $600 range. Our goal is to always have something at each price point. Sometimes we will have tablets for sale. Mention that you read about our offerings on our web site and we will provide a free travel mouse with your laptop purchase.

We can transfer your data from an old machine to a new one. We can also upgrade the amount of memory, size of hard drive or version of operating system on a machine in stock to meet your needs.

Our inventory changes daily, but we will always have ThinkPads in stock.