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Used Apple MacBook Notebook Computers

If you’re in Raleigh / Durham / Chapel Hill and looking for a Macbook feel free to give us a call or stop by to see what we’ve got in stock.

We are central North Carolina’s leading dealer of used and pre-owned Apple® MacBook Notebook computers and laptops. We are not affiliated with Apple®.

Mac laptops in stock

Inventory changes daily. Call or stop in to see the current selection. As of October 10 2015:

macbook pro 15MacBook Pro 15″ $949

  • Retina Display
  • i7 CPU
  • 256GB SSD (Solid State)
  • 8GB RAM
  • Yosemite


mbp13MacBook Pro 13″ $749

  • Late 2012
  • i5 CPU
  • 256GB SSD
  • 8GB RAM
  • Yosemite


macbook airMacBook Air $499

C2D, 12″ LCD, 4GB RAM, 64GB SSD


Why choose a MacBook?

We like all computers. Most of our customers using a Mac tell us that they need an easy to use operating system which syncs with all of their devices and is not prone to viruses. Also, Macbooks are well constructed, lightweight, and have very good battery life.

Which MacBook do you need?

We will be happy to assist you in selecting your next MacBook depending on your needs and desires. There are 3 main types of MacBook laptops: MacBook, Macbook Air, MacBook Pro.

  • MacBook: Some have “Retina Display” and some do not. The most popular MacBook is a 12″ MacBook. These cost as much as a 13″ MacBook Pro which is much faster. They are very protable and lightweight notebooks.
  • MacBook Air: These were originally called “Air” because they were very lightweight. They still are, although the MacBook is lighter (these were introduced before the MacBook). Still, most Air models are under 3lbs and very light machines. These are commonly used by students.
  • MacBook Pro: Our most popular notebook sold is the MacBook Pro. Available with a retina display, the MacBook Pro is extremely powerful and features more ports (such as USB ports) than the other models. The more they cost the faster they run.

What’s in stock?

We usually have MacBook Pro laptops in stock. Please do call in advance if you have a specific model in mind. Our inventory changes daily and we do not want you to waste a trip if we do not have your machine here.