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What is the ThinkPad P Series?

Replacing the W series is the P series.

The W series was the Workstation line. Now, the workstation line is the P series. Makes sense, right?

Wait…. What does the “P” stand for? Who knows! Maybe someone threw a dart at a board of letters.

Strange naming aside, these laptops are powerful. Reviews abound on the Internet but basically the P series is the first ever laptop with a Xeon processor. That’s right, a Xeon! This isn’t your dad’s Xeon, this is a mobile Xeon, or a Xeon E3-1500M to be exact.

The first units available are the P50 and P70, and these laptops also feature (optional) 4K LCD screens. This is not to be confused with the OTHER Lenovo P70, a smart phone.

Why is it the P series again??

Here’s a quick video of the units: