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Tech Support Scams Hit Cary NC Computer Users

One minute you’re browsing the web, looking at cute puppies, the next, you’re calling a 1-800 number because a window on your computer told you to. That’s what happened this week to one of our clients in Cary, North Carolina.

You shouldn’t have dialed that number.

You shouldn’t have dialed that number, but, you did. The “Microsoft employee” tells you that your computer has a problem and they need your credit card. It’s only going to be $199 and the representative will remotely log in to your computer and take care of its problems.

The only problem is, that was not a Microsoft employee and your computer wasn’t broken.

Recovering lost money.

If you used a credit card, you can call them and dispute the charges. You should have your credit card company issue a new credit card as well so that the numbers are changed. Next, you need to have your computer serviced (by a real repair company).

Take action to keep attackers out.

According to Cyber Security Training NYC, the scammers didn’t just want your $199, they wanted access to your computer. They usually install software on your machine while they’re “fixing” it. You need to get this harmful software off of your computer – it could be a “backdoor” which will allow them back in.

If you’re not sure what happened, call us or bring your unit in for a free diagnostic. We’ll be happy to look at it for you, repair it and help you get back on track to prevent future attacks.

Microsoft also offers up some free advice here for those who wish to DIY.