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Spill damage and my MacBook Pro – words that you don’t want to hear in the same sentence

Apple has a policy that they will not do repairs on any MacBook Pro that suffers from spill damage.  Most people find this out when they take their machine to the Apple Store for repairs.  If the small piece of “tape” inside your MacBook Pro has changed colors, it is an indication that the laptop has been exposed to excessive moisture.  Apple takes the position that this indicates you have spilled something on your MacBook and have violated your warranty.

At that point, one of the local Apple Stores will refer their customers to us.  We will completely diagnosis what is wrong with your computer for now charge.  We will quote you the cost of the repair and then you can approve it or pick up your machine for no charge.  If you did spill milk, coffee, wine on your MacBook Pro – we normally can get things back to normal by replacing the keyboard ( and maybe but not normally the touchpad) and cleaning  the motherboard.  Other times, the “tape” may have changed due to high humidity in China during manufacturing or high humidity during shipment to the US. The problem you are having may not be caused by moisture or liquids. In that case we can diagnose what exactly is the problem and get it resolved.

We are here to resolve your Apple computer problems.