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Smithfield & Wilson, NC

I just wanted to say thanks to several customers from Smithfield & Wilson,  North Carolina.   We had a customer from Smithfield that brought us his laptop for a LCD screen repair.  He periodically worked in RTP and we were convenient for him to drop off his laptop.  He was happy with our service and he told some of his friends and neighbors.  Since then we have gotten several laptops and iPads for repair from his friends in Smithfield and Wilson.  They have all shipped us their machines via USPS, UPS or Fedex.  We have diagnosed the problems for free.  In most cases, folks approved the repair that we proposed .


We use UPS Ground for return shipping so they would get their machine back on the next business day.  One of these customers in turn connected us to a small businessman in Wilson that had several laptops that all needed a DC power jack repair.  We were happy to get his machines back to working condition.    We are so appreciative of good referrals to friends and neighbors.


Call us at 919-468-3999   or email us at sales@absoluteraleigh.com if you have any questions.