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RIP Johnny "BOY" Sheffield

I recently sent an email to Johnny. The email did not get replied to. Johnny & I had little email chats from time to time and I usually heard back from him in 2 or 3 days. Then, a few days later, someone brought it to my attention that Johnny had passed. According to his Wikipedia page, Johnny fell off of a ladder while pruning his palm tree, appeared ok, but had a heart attack hours later.

Johnny was 79. I only knew him a few years and primarily communicated via email and an occasional phone call, but the little I did know was great. Johnny was always funny and asked about the people here at my shop and my family.

I originally came into contact with Johnny when I serviced one of his ThinkPad laptops. We are big ThinkPad fans here and repair many ThinkPad laptops. Johnny was a great customer and referred friends here as well.

An autographed picture of Johnny will remain on our wall here in our front room for everyone to see. People see it and ask about him all the time! They always smile and ask “is that really Boy?!”

Dear Johnny, please rest in peace.

To read more about Johnny’s extraordinary life please visit his Wikipedia page here:

Len (Owner)