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Reason For Not Doing Some Residential

We are often asked why we limit the amount of on site service we do for residential customers. The reason is that repairs such as virus removals can take several hours to complete. Most of this time, the technician is waiting for the machine to complete the next phase of the operation. Unlike a business, there is probably only one machine at this location that needs his attention. Meanwhile, the customer is watching the clock knowing they are being charged by the hour. In the end, the customer is not happy because the repair person has charged for being in their home for multiple hours but seemed to be “sitting on their hands” much of the time. We do not want to create a situation in which there is likelihood that the customer might not be happy with our results. In our repair facility, the technician can multitask and work on other machines while the  programs are running on your machine. Therefore your costs are much lower because you are only being charged for the actual time the technician is actually working on your machine. You are not charged for him waiting for the computer to be ready  to proceed to the next task.

The technician also does not have the complete set of diagnostic tools and large inventory of parts available to him like he would if he were at his repair bench in Cary. For certain repairs, he is forced to take a second trip or bring the machine back to the shop. Both of these solutions result in more cost for the customer.

There are certain repairs that make sense to perform on site.  Networking issues are a perfect example, we are happy to help you choose the best solution for your situation.