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Macs vs. Windows in an Orthodontic Office

The great debate of Mac vs Windows computers for an orthodontic office can be a complicated one. Each system has its positives and negatives so a business owner needs to decide what aspects are most important to them and their business and which system best suits their needs.

Some people believe that Mac computers are the obvious winners because they are some of the more expensive computers on the market. They are known for being user-friendly, reliable, and overall good computers. They also offer a sleek, luxurious look that can automatically give your office an updated, elegant look. In my opinion, Macs offer different programs that can be useful for the business side of an orthodontic office. Microsoft office is easier to use and makes organizing documents and presentations easier. I also found it easier to create reports and spreadsheets for the accounting side of the business on a Mac. Unfortunately, not all scheduling software is compatible for Macs and Apple products yet. Scheduling and patient charts are the most important thing to an orthodontic office so this is a big issue. There are ways to jailbreak the software to use it on a Mac but it is risky and does not function as well.

Windows computers do not always have as nice of a look, but they are still user-friendly and all software needed to run an orthodontic office is compatible for them. Ortho2 Edge is one of the most popular and best scheduling/patient software available and will only download onto Windows computers. Microsoft Office functions just fine as well. Windows machines are only as good as the hardware in them which can vary from machine to machine.

When it comes down to it you just have to way the pros and cons of each OS and see which best fits your needs. An orthodontist friend of ours personally recommends Windows computers for the front desk and doctors’ computers and Mac computers for the accountant or any employee that does not necessarily need access to the scheduling system.

As one of the top Raleigh orthodontists, Jason Gladwell has to stay on top of current and future trends. He has worked diligently with his stay to stay “ahead of the game” when it comes to technology. His office has both Windows and Mac computers for different reasons.