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MacBook LCD Glass Replacement

One of the most common repairs we do on Macbook laptops is LCD replacement or LCD glass replacement.

Many of the more recent Macbook units have a thin glass cover that goes over the LCD panel. There is both good and bad news when it comes to replacing the glass on one of these Macbooks. Apple started using the glass around 2009.


  • Often when a minor impact occurs, the outer layer of glass breaks, not the LCD. Replacing the LCD glass is significantly cheaper than replacing the screen.


  • Impacts can actually crack both the glass AND the screen.
  • Many repair shops quote people on replacing the entire top half of the laptop.
  • Replacing the screen requires special tools like hot air guns and suction cups. If the glass is very cracked the suction cups will not work and it takes a little experience to complete this repair successfully.

If your Macbook notebook’s LCD glass has been broken please give us a call or drop by for a free diagnostic. Also feel free to visit our Apple repair page.

This is an image of what the glass panel itself looks like:


Also note that the glass is a form of plexiglass. What we install here is the same glass that came from the factory. Technically it is called a thermoplastic.

Here is a Macbook Pro getting ready to have it’s glass replaced: