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Mac pushed in power jack

Recently we have had several Macbook Pro laptops with damaged power jacks.  The MagSafe AC adapter is great for pulling away when you trip over the AC adapter cord. However if you drop your Mac and it lands on the power jack pushing the connector into the laptop – we can fix that!  What you might see is the MagSafe AC adapter can not “reach in” far enough to make contact with the jack that has been pushed inside the case.  The typical problem that you will see is that the Macbook continues to work fine until the battery drains to zero. Then you find you can no longer charge the battery.

Before sending your machine to an Apple Repair Center or attempting to repair it yourself – bring it to use for us to provide you a free assessment of your problem and quote you a fix for this problem.  Typically it is just a case of repairing and / or replacing a simple board inside your laptop.  Your laptop is not damaged beyond repair, nor will the repair cost a large amount of money. Please don’t try carving the plastic away around the power connector to allow it to reach farther into the laptop.