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LTN160AT01 LTN160AT02 LCD Solution is here

We now have solutions for laptops that used LTN160AT01 and LTN160AT02 16.” widescreen LCD panels.

Models Affected:
– Acer 6920, 6930
– HP G60, CQ60, DV6
– Toshiba A505, L305, A355
– ASUS X61S, X61G
– Samsung R610
– MSI 16787, VR630
Note: Not ALL of these machines use LTN160AT01. For example some G60s have 15.6” screens instead of 16”. (There are several different flavors of G60).

There is a shortage in the market of LTN160AT01 & LTN160AT02 LCD panels.

We have solutions for each model. The solution varies from model to model. The LCDs are available with our installation only. The A505 for example requires drilling and LCD bracket modification; it then ends up with a similar backlit screen. The G60 units get a cable modification and an upgraded LED screen.

Pricing varies! It can change daily. As of 4-20-2011:
– G60s, DV6 and other HPs getting the LED upgrade are currently $219 to fix. This covers both parts and labor.
– Toshiba laptops getting the compatible screen are currently $249 to repair.
– If someone really wanted an OEM LTN160AT01 or LTN160AT02 LCD, we can obtain them. Pricing and availability changes on this part daily. Today is $389 installed.

For more information please visit our LCD replacement page: