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LCD Replacement

We replace many LCD’s in laptops.  Sometimes you will hear them referred to by the name liquid crystal display  or liquid crystal screen.  Most LCD replacements will cost between $129 and $199 depending on exactly what screen is used on your laptop.  We offer free diagnostics, since we have to disassemble the lid of the laptop to determine the specific LCD part number used for your specific laptop. In that way, we can give you a quote prior to you committing to spending money on the repair.

We will install a LCD screen that you provide.  However remember that it is critical that you order the specific part number of the LCD in your specific computer.  A particular model may have gotten a different LCD part number for each three month period that it was in production.  That is why we can not provide you a quote based on merely the computer model number.  If you decide to replace the LCD yourself, be very careful with the video cable and the connector on the back of the LCD.  We do repairs “after my husband tried to do the repair himself”.  We are happy to do so, but  many times either the video cable or the connector on the LCD itself or both are damaged.

Recently we have replaced LCD’s on a Thinkpad T410, Lenovo IdeaPad B570, HP Envy 15, HP Envy 14, Dell Inspiron 15, and Macbook Pro.  We typically are doing between one to three LCD repairs per day.  We estimate that we have replaced over 3,000 screens here at Absolute Computers. Note that if you are sending us your laptop for repair, refer to this page for information on shipping https://absoluteraleigh.com/nationwide-laptop-repair/    .

As always – we offer  free diagnosis of your problem.  We are conveniently located at 2446 SW Cary Parkway, Cary, NC 27513 for customers in Apex, Cary, Morrisville, Holly Springs, Raleigh, Garner and Durham.   Email us at contact@absoluteraleigh.com or give us a call, if you have any questions.