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Laptop Keyboard Replacement

keyboardIf you have a broken key or a keyboard problem please feel free to contact us today. Keyboards can be replaced and doing so is relatively easy and cost effective. Most keyboards are $49 or so.

Symptoms of a broken laptop keyboard:

  • Missing keys
  • Keys do not work
  • Spacebar or other keys stick
  • repetitive beep when laptop turned on
  • Nothing happens when keys are depressed
  • Children or pets ripped keys off of keyboard

How much to keyboards cost?

ThinkPad keyboards and keypads are typically around $49. Dell keyboards cost a bit less. These keyboards are almost always available new. If you are a heavy typer, nothing feels better than a new keyboard. We replace keyboards occasionally for the visually impaired who need a new keyboard. Apple keyboards are usually the most expensive and time consuming to replace. Sometimes ASUS keyboards are not available.

Labor generally runs $30 which is our minimum.

How long does it take to replace a laptop keyboard?

Often we must remove the old keyboard to get a part number. We need the unit dropped off to do this. If you want a quote, email us along with the exact machine type and model # from the bottom of your laptop. If you see multiple #s, send ALL of them. If you have a Mac, we will need the serial number.

Most keyboards take around 5 business days to obtain.

Sometimes expedited services are available.