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Keyboard damaged from a spill?

We have been seeing quite a few HP , Lenovo, Toshiba and Dell laptops that have been damaged with a liquid spill of some type.  We have seen milk, wine, water, coffee all spilled on keyboards.  After the spill, the laptop starts to have problems from as simple as a sticky key to as problematic as the laptop just not working at all.  Bring it in and we can evaluate the problem and determine what is needed for the repair. Many times it is as simple as a keyboard replacement.  We carry many new  keyboards in stock and that might be all that is needed for your machine to be as good as new.   However sometimes the motherboard is covered with the spill.  We can clean the motherboard and / or in the most serious cases – we can replace the motherboard.

Folks will call and ask how much a repair will cost.  I can not give you a number without seeing your computer but if you bring it in – we do free diagnostics unlike nearly every other repair shop in the area. Diagnostics alone will cost $80 at the big box stores.  But to give you an idea, we can replace your keyboard with a brand new one for $50 to $100 for most laptops (parts AND labor).   That can be less than the cost of the diagnostic from someone else just to tell you the cost of the repair.

If you do spill something, try to do it on a Lenovo Thinkpad which has drains to route the liquid away from the motherboard or an Apple Mac which does a pretty good job of preventing the liquid from getting to the mother board also.

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