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Computer Problems from Hurricane Joaquin

As of October 2, 2015, Hurricane Joaquin is tracking eastward but we are in for a soaking here in the triangle.

Heavy rain means wet ground. Wet ground mean downed trees. Downed trees mean downed power lines. Downed power lines mean power surges. Power surges mean broken laptops and computers.

If your computer will not power up once the storm has passed it is time to give us a call. Diagnostics are always completely free here. If your machine is trashed along with many other parts of your home we can prepare a quote for your insurance company. No, we can’t say your machine is worth $40,000 but we can declare it destroyed if it indeed is and you can take it up with them. We do work with a local storm damage company so if you need a reference please feel free to give us a shout.

We should probably also note that most often after a storm our local Cary and Raleigh customers come to us and simply need a power supply. Unless you have a souped up gaming rig a power supply is not that expensive, usually in the $39 -$69 price range plus a basic install.

Here’s the current rainfall prediction:

Hurricane joaquin