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What Kind of Orange Laptop is Hetty using in NCIS: Los Angeles – Matryosha Part 2?

hetty laptop

In season 7 episode 16 (S7EP16) Hetty is seen using an orange laptop. People watching this may wonder what kind of laptop it is that Hetty is using.

Of course, Henrietta “Hetty” Lange (portrayed by Linda Hunt) is the Operations Manager at NCIS in Los Angeles.

To the keen eyed laptop expert they will instantly recognize this laptop as a ThinkPad laptop. It appears to be a T500 series or a W500 series, but given the smaller hinge size on the right hand side we can eliminate the T510, T520, W510, W520 and W530. However, then I saw the LCD cable and realized this machine is actually probably a wide screen T61p, many of which shipped with the extended life battery.

Is it painted, or did they use a laptop skin? The T61p only came in black.