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Greensboro NC Hoverboard Repair

This week we had several people come in from Greensboro with a broken self balancing scooter.

If you have a broken “hoverboard” please see our detailed hoverboard repair page.

We’re about an hour, or 70mi, from Greensboro.

Most people have drove these in for a fix but they can be shipped in as well.

People shipping them in must use FedEx or UPS GROUND due to restrictions of sending these devices out on airplanes.

We’ll get packages from Greensboro NC in about 1 day anyways.

Ground shipping from Greensboro to Cary costs about $35.

We ship out as well on a daily basis using UPS Ground.

Hoverboard estimates are free. We’re happy to spend time on them as we always aim to provide a cost effective solution. Most of the boards we’ve fixed recently have been repaired in the $140 – $260 range.

Here’s a hoverboard we just repaired which had a cracked frame:

Smart Drifterz
A Smart Drifterz board with a cracked frame


Smart Drifterz
this Smart Drifterz board is getting a new frame


Smart Drifterz
A Smart Drifterz board after repair