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How To Repair Samsung FTQ353IWUX Oven Burners Running Too Hot

I am going slightly off topic today but I wanted to post this helpful information in case someone else had this same problem.

In early 2012 I went to Lowe’s and purchased new Samsung appliances. One of those appliances was a range. I call it an oven or a stove but apparently it is a “range”.

The model I purchased was a FTQ353IWUX/XAA, although it comes in a few flavors and some people call it a DG47.

Samsung range problem

The burner you use the most will likely be the first to break. My first burner to fail was the front left large burner. I could put the burner on low, medium or high and it just stayed hot no matter what. I mean this burner would get blazing hot, even if I was trying to simmer something.

The first thing I did was unplug the range for a good 5 minutes. Sometimes 240V appliances with electronics need a break or something. That didn’t help.

Next I replaced the heating elements. These were $105/pc. Ouch. That hurt, especially when it didn’t fix he problem. Hey, I am not an appliance repair man.

Then I fixed it!

The problem was the stupid switch.

How To Repair Samsung FTQ353IWUX Oven Burners Running Too Hot

By switch, I mean the knob to control the burners.

To access it, you unplug the machine and take off the rear access panel, which is held on by 5 screws.

Here are the parts. Click the part number to go to my Amazon affiliate link and get the genuine Samsung part via Amazon Prime.

  • The FRONT burners (the large burners) use the OUTER control knobs. These are part number DG44-01002A. (dual burner)
  • The REAR burners (the small burners) use the INNER control knobs. These are part number DG44-01001A.

If you have time and want to save a few bucks, they’re usually $10 cheaper on eBay.

Here’s a link to the manual on Sears if you need it.

Please let me know below if you had this problem!