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Dell's Faulty Capacitor Coverup Continues

The Dell cover up has been exposed, and most of the companies sold defective computers in 2003-2006 are still waiting for compensation. It cost some companies, such as AIT, $40m or more.

The motherboards used in Dell GX620, GX520, Optiplex 745, GX270, SX270, GX280 & SX280 computers have capacitors in them that leak and fail. It is a quick, cheap, easy fix Dell could have corrected before sending people their computers, but instead decided to send them out with a known problem. To top it off, when a machine would break they would pretend there was nothing out of the ordinary wrong and replace their motherboard with yet another defective board.

Dell also has been covering up laptop problems, some of which have yet to be exposed, but being a laptop repair company we’re already aware of them. When you get one or two models in for the same thing in over and over it’s pretty clear there is a problem.

Here we offer to replace the defective capacitors with new, high quality capacitors. The parts are $10, and we charge 1.5hrs labor to take apart your computer, repair the motherboard & put it all back together. There are quite a few companies that specialize in capacitor replacement as well that are basically in business because of Dell.

A couple of years ago when Dell was trying to cover up all of the many defects with the Dell Inspiron laptops they kept us very, very busy. Months went by when we would get the same model laptop in every single day with the same exact problem.

We prefer more of a variety but we’re happy to provide computer solutions when big companies are trying to sell you defective parts causing major amounts of unnecessary downtime.

This story was covered on CNN today here: