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Dell E1405 and 640M Left Mouse Button Problem

Models affected:
Dell Inspiron E1405, 640M


The left touchpad mouse button stays depressed while not in use. The button may work if pressed on “just right”.

This problem can happen in almost any laptop, and we have had a large number of E1405 and 640M laptops in for this issue.

The solution is to have the button replaced. We carry brand new replacements. The palm rest, touchpad & mouse buttons are all replaced at the same time giving the laptop a fresh, clean appearance. While inside the computer we also clean out the fan. The repair is typically $99 which includes both parts and labor. Call for current pricing, it may change in the future. We have heard reports online of people being charged even more for this part and service. If repair is not an option you could also use an external mouse. To contact us, visit our main page at www.AbsoluteRaleigh.com.

e1405 palmrest