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Cheap Laptop Repair

Are you looking for cheap laptop repair?

Many laptops can be repaired cheap. Some cost more to fix. Here at Absolute Computers we offer free diagnostics. That way, you can drop your machine off and get a comprehensive quote before any work is done. That’s right, the initial evaluation is completely free.

Usually when people are looking for cheap laptop repair they’re trying to figure out if their machine can be repaired cost effectively or not. The truth is, many can not be fixed cheap. However, most CAN be. It just depends on what is wrong with your machine.


  • The power jack is broken. This is a repair that we have specialized in here for a decade. We carry almost every jack made to turn your machine around as quickly as possible. This repair costs $149. If your machine is 5yrs old, is this cost effective? Maybe, maybe not. It might be time for a replacement unit. We have a variety of used machines in stock. Now if your computer is a $600 laptop and only 13 months old, then yes, this is a cheap laptop repair.
  • Bad motherboard. Motherboards go bad for a variety of reasons. You could have spilled soda on it, or maybe you did nothing wrong at all and the part just failed. Some units are more problematic than others. If you bring us a problem machine, we will tell you prior to you putting a penny into it. Motherbnoard prices are all over the place. Some are as little as $99. Some Macbook Pros take $900 boards. Sometimes this part isn’t even available. Sometimes $99 is cheap, and sometimes $900 is cheap, or sometimes we’ll get in a laptop worth around $200 and we’ll locate a motherboard for it and the part is $500- in that case, it is definitely not in your best interest to repair the unit.
  • Other repairs can be as little as $30.
  • Screens vary- they can be $149 – $300 on average, but there are literally thousands of different screens on the market.

If you’d like to find out if it will be cheap to fix your laptop or not please give us a call or drop your unit off today.